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The U.S. Access Board’s Technical Assistance phone number is now 202-272-0080 extension 3.

File an Architectural Barriers Act Complaint

You should file an ABA complaint if you have encountered or are aware of an accessibility barrier at a building or facility covered by the Architectural Barriers Act of 1968 (ABA). Covered buildings or facilities are those designed, built, or altered with federal dollars or leased by federal agencies after August 12, 1968. Examples include U.S. post offices, Veterans Affairs medical facilities, national parks, Social Security Administration offices, federal office buildings, U.S. courthouses, and federal prisons.

These facilities must meet standards for accessible design, which indicate where access is required and provide detailed specifications for ramps, parking, doors, elevators, restrooms, assistive listening systems, fire alarms, signs, and other accessible building elements.

The Access Board enforces the ABA through the investigation of complaints.

To file an ABA complaint, we strongly recommend using our Online ABA Complaint Form.

As an alternative, you may e-mail your complaint to If you choose this filing method, be sure to include the name and address of the building or facility and a brief description of each access problem or barrier you have encountered or are aware of. You are not required to provide your name or contact information, but if you have photographs or supporting documentation, you may attach them to your e-mail.

Complaints cannot be filed by phone, but if you are unable to file online or by e-mail due to a disability, call 202-272-0050 (voice) or 202-272-0066 (TTY).